Posters and Banners

Posters are available in two sizes - 12"x18" and 20"x30" - and you can order them with or without artboard backing. 

Banners are available 12"x18" and come with grommets in each corner.

I have added several new backgrounds over the years and these continue to grow.  Check at the order table for a current list of all available backgrounds.  Posters are printed on a special "pearl" paper to give them an even more impressive look.  Posters and Banners can use the standard posed photo or we can take a posed-action photo if you prefer.

Posters & Banners

If you are looking for somewhere your child can become involved in sports, check out the links below. I'm sure there are other organizations - this is a short list of those I am familiar with.

Bossier Little League

Shreveport Little League

Bossier Dixie Baseball

Haughton Dixie Baseball

Benton Dixie Baseball

Shreveport Dixie Baseball

Bossier Parks and Recreation

Shreveport Public Assembly & Recreation

YMCA of Northwest Louisiana